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From the conception of the idea we help the client test the market, name and form the Company, prepare the legalized formalities and produce the necessary books.

Thereafter dependant on the brief we are given, we regularly monitor and manage the business. From the very beginning we explain the accounting requirements for the business and help to complete the manual and computer systems necessary to control it. Without being intrusive we endeavor to protect and manage a client’s account. We prepare all the accounting and legal requirements and produce the schedules for the preparation of an audit and where necessary the financial statements required for the business.

Regulations of Confidentiality

  • Most private companies are exempted from publicizing their financial accounts. They are required to submit to the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Tax Authority audited accounts every year. However, these are considered as highly confidential and no information can be disclosed unless there is a court order.
  • The shareholders’ names appear at the Company Registrar Office and can be viewed by anyone interested. However, should the shareholders wish to remain anonymous, then they can appoint nominees and only the Central Bank of Cyprus will know the true identity of the shareholders. The Central Bank of Cyprus will not disclose the names.
  • Commercial banks treat the account information of International Business companies as confidential and do not in any way disclose information about their customers.

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