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We are one of the Independent Accountancy firms in Cyprus situated centrally in the capital Nicosia. We offer clients the most effective solutions by providing full accountancy, audit facilities, specialised administrative and management services. We form legal entities both local and international, dealing with all the complexities of incorporation, government requirements, banking and financial services and domiciliary requirements.

The major issues in today’s financial press are the course of the markets after the disappointing macroeconomic data for the euro area growth, the drop in car sales across Europe and the impacts of the I…
Hellenic Bank CEO, Makis Keravnos said that the government’s measures for the strengthening of the island’s economy will need time to be adopted. In his interview to StockWatch, Mr. Keravnos referred to …
NICOSIA, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Cyprus plans to launch a new licensing round for hydrocarbons in offshore blocks in the eastern Mediterranean on July 1, a senior energy official said on Thursday. "We intend,…

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